What to expect during a TriscendNP Implementation

by | Feb 8, 2021 | Blogs

Sally Adams

TriscendNP is proud to be able to offer fully customized plans to meet the needs of our partner’ organizations, executive participants and the community. In order to provide this level of personalized service, we also execute a thorough underwriting and implementation phase to ensure that our approach to your program is as effective as possible.

Underwriting is the process life insurance carriers use to approve the policies within a program between an employer and an insured person, who is a key employee and the program participant. During this process, we collect medical, financial and personal information and prefill the insurance application(s) for the participant’s review and signature. Personal, confidential information will not be shared with the employer and will be used only for the purposes of underwriting and implementation of an individual program.

Our ultimate goal is to make the submission of health and financial information as seamless and convenient as possible. However, cooperation and a timely response to completing paperwork and follow up questions are greatly appreciated and will serve to accelerate the underwriting and implementation process.

Some of the items we use in the underwriting process include the following:

Confidential Fact Sheet (CFS)

The CFS is used to build the application(s). This detailed data-gathering form requires the participant to answer questions relating to health, habits, hobbies and finances.

Authorization for Release of Personal Health-Related Information

This form is a HIPAA compliant medical release allowing TriscendNP to collect medical records.

Financial Supplement

This form details the participant’s income, assets, liabilities and total net worth to complete financial underwriting.

Paramed Exam

Participants will be required to have an exam administered by an independent third party. It typically lasts 30-45 minutes and requires an eight hour fast. The exam includes recording of vitals and medical history, taking of labs and a urinalysis and may include a resting EKG. We use a mobile exam service which allows the client the convenience to choose their home or their office for the exam.

Tele Interview

After all of your items have been submitted, you may be asked to take part in an interview with the life insurance carrier for a review of the submissions.

Once the program is underwritten, we will guide the participant and the organization through the implementation process. This process follows the draft and approval of the legal agreement that will govern the transaction, as well as final design and product selection. We also include onsite implementation meetings with you, your organization and TRISCENDNP to process necessary signatures and address any remaining questions.

With our unparalleled industry experience, TriscendNP hopes to aid executives and their communities in gaining measurable and sustainable results from our solutions. Contact us today to get started.

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