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by | Mar 29, 2021 | Blogs

Brandi Foster

Third Party Administration and Insurance Program Management with TriscendNP

Consistent monitoring and reporting are key in fostering success within executive benefit programs. All too often we have seen programs that are established and then shelved and forgotten.

TriscendNP provides unmatched administration services so that programs stay on track and needs are continually met.

Once program implementation is complete, our participants are in the very capable hands of the TriscendNP Client Relations Department. Our “two-client” philosophy ensures that both the participant and the organization receive the highest level of service throughout the lifelong program.

At TriscendNP we understand that diligent insurance program management is the most effective way for programs to stay on track and to continue to meet your needs. TriscendNP can ensure this in a few ways:

  1. We provide complete and consistent data collection.
  2. Our experienced staff is available to provide guidance for a broad scope of program questions.
  3. We focus on immediate, mid-term and long-term administration. This provides for the most holistic approach possible for insurance program management.          

We also believe that keeping you informed is paramount to your program’s success. Receiving regular reporting allows participants and organizations to continue making informed decisions on the program.  All of our participants have an introductory meeting with our Client Relations Department to review the program. Additionally, the organization will receive periodic financial reports and year-end communications regarding tax reporting responsibilities (if applicable). Lastly, we also conduct an annual meeting and board review, even after the participant is no longer employed.

Our goal is to make insurance program management as simple as possible for the participant and the organization. TriscendNP does this by providing copies of all program documentation including legal documents, illustrations and statements. We also liaise with the insurance carriers to make managing the policy simple. For example, we take care of updating changes of address, beneficiaries and investment allocations. We will also coordinate retirement cash flows, death benefit changes and the processing of claims.

From design to insurance program management, TriscendNP strives to provide unrivaled service within our offered solutions. Contact us today so we can begin your plan analysis.

For more information, call (972) 318-1110 or contact us.

About the Author: Brandi Foster

Ms. Foster is responsible for all aspects of client relations including hosting regular reviews with clients and their advisers, providing accounting and financial support, assisting in benefit transactions, ensuring ongoing compliance, and providing ongoing customer service. Contact or learn more about Brandi >>