Zeinab Zangeneh Authors CU Management Article: Understanding Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policies

by | Aug 5, 2021 | Articles

indexed universal life insurance

Understanding Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policies

POST WRITTEN BY Zeinab Zangeneh

Zeinab serves in the role of benefit analyst and supports both the business development and client relations departments at TriscendNP.

IUL policies can be valuable personal or corporate assets. However, they are not always the right solution, and leadership should thoroughly review these products before making a decision. IUL policies are complex financial instruments, and credit unions should seek representation by expert advisers as part of the review process. Read More

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About the Author: Zeinab Zangeneh

Ms. Zangeneh serves in the role of Benefit Analyst and supports both the Business Development and Client Relations departments. With primary responsibilities in design modeling and analysis of in-force Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans, Ms. Zangeneh assesses the suitability and stability of new and existing retirement benefit programs. Contact or learn more about Zeinab >>