New Director of Process and Technology Development to improve Executive Benefit Data Analytics

by | Feb 6, 2024 | News

January 30, 2024 – Dallas, TX – TriscendNP, one of the fastest-growing advanced insurance providers in the not-for-profit space, has announced the promotion of a new leader within their ranks.

Corey Murphy has been promoted to the Director of Process and Technology Development at TriscendNP. With a proven track record of outstanding analytic prowess, Mr. Murphy’s new role will be responsible for TriscendNP’s Business Process Technology Development and Integration, Internal CRM Administration, as well as improving TriscendNP’s capabilities with Financial Analysis and Forecasting for clients. The Director of Process and Technology Development role is a thrilling challenge that I’m eager to embrace. Our focus on new technology and data-driven solutions will redefine client experiences, and I’m excited to be at the forefront of this transformation.” Stated Corey Murphy.

TriscendNP has a proven record of providing clients and partners with data-based analytics for executive benefits. “While we may be more conservative at times compared to our peers, serving not-for-profit organizations means we need to get it right the first time. We do what is right not only for the organization but for the executive as well.” Says Dale K. Edwards, Principal and Co-Founder of TriscendNP.  With Mr. Murphy’s diverse background in banking, real estate, and entrepreneurship, TriscendNP is looking forward to providing their not-for-profit clients and partners with industry-leading data to equip their leaders with better decision-making power.

About TriscendNP
Non-profit organizations exist for the express purpose of serving their communities and their members, and not the interests of investors.  Similarly, TriscendNP is owned by every member of the firm, rather than the public market or individual owners.  Celebrating 23 years, and serving credit unions, healthcare systems, and other non-profit organizations nationally, TriscendNP strives to be the standard of excellence in providing executive benefit solutions, empowering nonprofits to attract and retain mission-driven champions.

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About the Author: Dale Edwards

Mr. Edwards serves as Principal of TriscendNP. As a co-founder, Mr. Edward’s vision is to take the experience and discipline from his investment banking background and provide unique products and services to the employee benefits sector. Contact or learn more about Dale >>