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Dollar Associates, LLC and TriscendNP, LLC Enter Strategic Partnership on Executive Benefit, Compensation and Succession Planning Issues

(Dallas, TX – January 29, 2018) – Dollar Associates, LLC, a full-service consulting group focusing on credit unions and the organizations that serve them, has announced a strategic partnership with TriscendNP, LLC, a leading provider of executive benefit, compensation and succession planning for credit unions and other not-for-profit organizations.

Dollar Associates will assist TriscendNP in regulatory matters and product development specific to the credit union market, according to Dale K. Edwards, Co-Founder and Principal of TriscendNP.  Dollar Associates, LLC is headed by former NCUA Chairman Dennis Dollar, Principal Partner, and former NCUA Chief of Staff Kirk Cuevas, Co-Founder and Partner.

“Dollar Associates has been looking for executive benefits expertise specific to not-for-profit organizations like credit unions and is very pleased about our new strategic alliance with TriscendNP,” says Dennis Dollar, Principal Partner at Dollar Associates.

“Too many of our clients have gotten caught up in benefit plans that miss their mark in meeting the long term needs of credit union executives in the competitive market, added Dollar. “Some of these plans have also created growing funding liabilities that have crippled some credit union balance sheets and many of them are just not a good fit for a not-for-profit entity.”

“We wanted to find a partner that understood the not-for-profit sector and was able to tailor executive benefit programs that met regulatory requirements, balance sheet needs and the demands of credit unions to recruit and retain the best and brightest talent as they continue to grow,” said Dollar.

“The desire of our clients for better benefit plan options, paired with the increased scrutiny of regulators on credit union investment and asset allocations to employee benefit plans, drove us to seek the expertise of TriscendNP in this area,” Dollar continued.  “Our research found that their client base is almost exclusively not-for-profit organizations – a totally different model than the one-size-fits-all plans.  They truly understand the importance of educating both the credit union and its key employees on how to plan and maintain growth for the future while transforming expenses into assets and aligning capital and talent incentives with credit unions’ long term stated purposes. The solutions of TriscendNP have been well-received by many not-for-profits, including credit unions, for meeting the often conflicting needs of the institution, the market, the balance sheet and the regulators.”

“We could not be more pleased that Dennis, Kirk and the Dollar Associates team have agreed to partner with our company,” said Robert Gutherman, Co-Founder and Principal of TriscendNP.  “Dennis is among the most respected leaders of the American credit union movement today, having been voted in 2015 by the readers of Credit Union Times as the most influential credit union leader of the past 25 years.  With Kirk’s background as an attorney and credit union leader in his own right, Dollar Associates has really demonstrated a focused vision for leading credit unions with tomorrow in mind.  This is a vision that aligns perfectly with how our work contributes to a credit union’s ability to retain and develop key leadership, which is critical for both the credit union and the future of its members.”

“We serve credit unions and their executives across the nation and the Dollar Associates team truly brings a great deal of experience and knowledge of the credit union industry to help us serve them even better,” Edwards said.  “Our relationship with Dollar Associates will provide TriscendNP with additional compliance and regulatory resources as well as expertise to further our ability to provide the world-class products and services we deliver to our credit union clients.”

“We are truly seeing a growing desire and frankly, a growing need as well, among our credit union clients to become much more sophisticated in their decision making processes at both the executive and board level about executive benefits and doing it right,” said Dollar.  “The TriscendNP model is well tailored for not-for-profits like credit unions, and we want to help them structure their model even more fully into the best possible fit for credit unions, their executives, their recruitment and retention needs, their balance sheets and their upcoming examiner reviews.  Even the new tax law comes into play in this arena and needs to be accommodated.  Structuring these programs specifically for the not-for-profit sector is an exciting possibility that we feel can help a lot of credit unions.”

About Dollar Associates, LLC
Blending a results-oriented working knowledge of day-to-day credit union issues with the perspective of two industry insiders who have been at the center of every significant piece of credit union legislation and regulation in recent years, the Dollar Associates team provides the best in consulting services to the best of America’s credit unions. And to organizations who work with credit unions as well.  Dollar Associates specializes in strategic planning, management consulting, regulatory guidance, field of membership expertise, merger consultation, product development and governmental relations.

About TriscendNP, LLC
TriscendNP, LLC is a national company specializing in design, implementation and administration of solutions for high-performing organizations in the area of talent management and capital optimization. With offices in the Dallas and New York metro areas, the company serves predominantly non-profit organizations in the healthcare, financial services and higher education markets.

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