Testimonial from Mark Merrill, retired President & CEO, Valley Health Systems

by | Aug 3, 2023 | Testimonials

Over the past seven years, I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with TriscendNP professionals under the leadership of Dale Edwards. My initial encounter with the TriscendNP team was when they helped my not-for-profit health care system and its Board of Trustees revise and establish more market competitive retirement benefits for senior leadership. This engagement included a market review, a review of alternatives, and an assessment of incumbent executives’ benefits. The result of this engagement was a revised retirement program for senior executives.

As a member of the Executive team, this review included my personal benefits. TriscendNP team members, led by Dale Edwards, worked with our Board Executive Committee to conduct a review to ensure independence and reduced risk of internal influence. The result was a restructured retirement benefit that was market competitive, fiscally responsible to the organization, and encouraged long-term commitment.

Since the implementation of these new programs, I have retired and now am a beneficiary of the retirement program. As a participant in the TriscendNP and Minnesota Life program, I have worked regularly with the TriscendNP team to monitor performance, plan for distributions, and adjust investments responsive to market conditions. Throughout the process, the TriscendNP team has been extremely responsive to me; worked closely with my wife’s and my personal financial advisor; and provided counsel, recommendations, and professional knowledge and support. I cannot overstate how much I appreciate and benefit from the TriscendNP team’s efforts. They go above and beyond my expectations and take personal interest in the success of the program, and more importantly, the success and stability of my retirement.

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