New CUSO offering Executive Benefits and Business Protection Announces Profitable First Year

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BenefisCU powered by TriscendNP, a CUSO offering executive benefit solutions, CUOLI and other advanced insurance products.

April 21, 2023 – Dallas, TX – BenefisCU, one of the fastest growing advanced insurance providers in the credit union space, announced a profitable first year. BenefisCU, a CUSO, provides various products from executive benefits, CUOLI, 457(f), long-term care, split dollar plans, and many more customizable solutions to fit the needs of any credit union regardless of asset size. Credit unions are one of the fastest growing markets for advanced insurance products solutions to their credit union executives, members, commercial account holders and peers.

BenefisCU, founded at the end of 2021 with 9 credit union equity members, attributes its outstanding results to their equity members. “Our credit union partners made an investment and a commitment to seeing our CUSO succeed, and we expect to more than double our results in 2023 despite the tumultuous interest rate environment we’ve seen so far, “ said CEO of BenefisCU, Alexandria Staron.

As a CUSO, BenefisCU’s ultimate goal is to bring millions of dollars of profits back to credit unions that have over the past decade have been largely held captive by for-profit organizations.

April Clobes, CEO at Michigan State University Federal Credit Union said “Through our holding company Reseda Group, we have a diversified portfolio that is invested in multiple industries including technology startups that are awaiting to see a return. With BenefisCU, we are already in the earning stage of our investment and have received everything as promised from when we had committed to the investment to the products and services we have purchased.”

Current credit union equity members include Goldenwest Credit Union, Ogden, UT; MAPS Credit Union, Salem, OR; Redstone Federal Credit Union, Huntsville, AL; Desert Financial Credit Union Phoenix, AZ; Reseda Group, East Lansing, MI; Sandia Labs Federal Credit Union, Albuquerque, NM; University Federal Credit Union Austin, TX; Oregon Community Credit Union, Eugene, OR; and American Heritage Federal Credit Union, Philadelphia, PA.

BenefisCU is accepting an additional, limited number of credit union equity members. Associate-level membership partners are also available to qualified credit unions. Interested credit unions can learn more by visiting or calling (972) 318-1110.

About BenefisCU powered by TriscendNP

TriscendNP’s expertise is in helping organizations retain key leadership with executive benefits and business protection plans that mitigate risk, reduce costs, and generate revenue, so they can rest easy. TriscendNP is redefining the standard of excellence through leadership, doing everything honestly and with integrity, and sharing success.



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About the Author: Alex Staron

Ms. Staron serves as Chief Operating Officer of TriscendNP and oversees the integration of company strategies into daily business functions. She also serves as Chief Executive Officer of BenefisCU, a majority owned subsidiary CUSO (Credit Union Service Organization) of TriscendNP. Contact or learn more about Alex >>